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Telemedicine appointments now available

I am excited to be able to "virtually" consult directly with you face-to-face by video conference. You will need a cell phone, iPad, tablet or PC with a camera to participate. You will also need a scheduled appointment to access any of our doctors via telemedicine. To schedule a telemedicine appointment, please call .

To connect with me, please note the following “How To”.

  • If you are connecting via desktop, connect through Chrome or Firefox, or if you are connecting using a mobile device, connect through Safari or Chrome
  • Click on the link to my virtual clinic
  • Enter the name of the patient as given to the appointment’s desk
  • You will be asked to enable the camera and microphone- enable both
  • You will be entered into my virtual clinic- feel free to explore the page while you wait to be connected. There, you can find helpful tips and tricks, find links to our social media pages, or find answers to your questions via our FAQs blurb.

Please join my virtual clinic 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your scheduled telemedicine appointment, please note that you may be considered a "no show" for your appointment.

Please access my "Tips and Tricks" link before your appointment to ensure that you will have a satisfactory experience. Also, feel free to access "Telemedicine FAQs" if you have any questions about the process.

To enter my virtual clinic, please go to

Telemedicine Visit Tips

Hate siting in a waiting room filled with sick patients? Can’t take time off from work or away from your family? Just feel too ill to get in the car and drive? Imagine being able to receive medical care without making a trip to the doctor’s office.

Now you can!

Telemedicine allows physicians to provide quality medical care for certain conditions to patients at a distance using various technologies. It’s safe, convenient, affordable, and becoming more and more popular. So why not? Follow these tips to help your telemedicine visit go as smoothly as possible.


  • Find a quiet and private space at your location – close doors and windows to high-traffic areas.
  • Remove clutter from the area where you will sit. You want your doctor looking at you, not what’s on your desk or wall.
  • Make sure the area is well-lit. Keep lighting overhead and/or in front of you, rather than behind you. Close blinds and drapes to prevent glares and shadows.


  • Ensure your device has enough charge (or is plugged in).
  • Check your internet signal strength. A connection speed of 384 Kbps is common.
  • Adjust the angle of your camera so you fill as much of the screen as possible.
  • Know how to use your equipment. Have the phone number for tech support close by – just in case.


  • Mute, turn off, or remove possible noisemakers such as your television, cell phone, alarms, or pets.
  • Eliminate echoes.
  • Check for air noises like a fan, AC unit, or open window that may affect the microphone.
  • Make sure the microphone is not blocked.
  • Speak normally – slowly and clearly – in the direction of the camera.


  • Avoid too much movement.
  • Don’t look at your picture on the screen.


  • Have your pharmacy name, location, and number handy.
  • Explore the telemedicine app/platform to get comfortable with it.
  • Don’t be nervous or afraid to ask questions!

Click here for PDF version (Telemedicine Visit Tips).

Telemedicine FAQ

How do I schedule an appointment for a telemedicine visit?

You call our office to schedule an appointment, just as you would an in-person office visit

Can I be at home and receive telemedicine services?

Yes. Most patients choose to be at home or in a private office, but any location that has adequate technology, internet service, privacy, lighting, and a low noise level is fine. If you are on Medicare, there are special requirements for you; please talk to practice staff about your location.

What equipment do I need?

At the very least, you need a mobile device or computer that has a camera and microphone. You also need an internet connection that allows you to stream video.

Can I use a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, as long your connection is strong enough. It is recommended that you have an internet speed of at least 15Mbps for upload and 5Mbps for download. Don’t know your internet speed? In your browser, type ‘internet speed test’ and test your internet speed for free.

Can my problem be treated?

Your doctor can diagnose many illnesses during a telemedicine visit, perform post-operative check-ins, review MRI and lab result reviews, prescription refills, and more.

How can my doctor diagnose me without an exam?

Physicians think about a lot of information to make a diagnosis, like the signs and symptoms you’ve experienced, your medical history, and so on. So, how you feel may be just as important as a visual exam.

Whom will I see – my doctor or someone I don’t know?

If you are an existing patient of this practice, most likely you will see your own doctor or PA. But your doctor may not be available all the time. When scheduling your telemedicine appointment, be sure to tell staff if this is important to you so they can schedule your appointment accordingly.

How long will the visit take?

Just as long as if you were being seen in the office – less the wait and travel time, currently we are allotting between 10 to 15 min per appointment.

Can my doctor prescribe a medication during this visit?

In most cases, yes. If your doctor decides you need a medication, he or she can send the prescription electronically directly to the pharmacy you choose.

Will insurance cover this service?

Most insurance companies recognize and cover telemedicine services, but payment varies. Before you schedule an appointment, call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out if your specific policy covers telemedicine service. Advanced Orthopaedics staff will verify your benefits for you as a courtesy

If I have insurance, do I still have to pay a convenience fee?

If there is a fee for the convenience of a telemedicine visit according to your insurance plan, this will be collected before your visit. After your visit, this practice will submit a claim to your insurance company just as we do when you visit the office

Why am I required to pay before the visit?

A minimum of $25 up to actual patient portion as determined by your insurance carrier is collected prior to the visit to cover patient portions related to the visit. If you do not cancel or reschedule the visit at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time then a $25 cancellation fee will apply to the visit. If not, the money can be refunded to you after any application of any patient portion for the visit set by your insurance carrier.

What happens if I do not show up to my telemedicine visit?

A patient who does not arrive for a scheduled appointment within 5 min of scheduled appointment and did not cancel the appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice is considered a no-show. The practice charges patients $25 if they do not show up for appointments or contact the practice 24 hours in advance.

Click here for PDF version (Telemedicine Visit Tips).

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