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I had a spinal fusion by Dr. Cubbage in TX a little over a month ago. He prescribed me this device called a SpinalStim by a company called Orthofix. I have to wear it 2 hours a day for probably 4-5 months. This device uses a low- level PEMF to help activate the body’s natural healing process with a 97% success with it’s effectiveness in healing spinal fusions! He also said that they use this device for people who have had a failed spinal fusion. I was thinking that maybe this information might help someone!

-Sara, Facebook

Dr. Cubbage does God’s handy work. I must admit I tried everything not to have disc replacement surgery. After 9 months of fighting the fact that my disc was not going to slip back into place I had to take the plunge. I was in serious pain and had very to little movement in my neck. I had forgotten what it felt like to finish a bottle of water or take that last bit of a glass of wine. I couldn’t look up at the stars or put my neck back to rinse my hair. I had no quality of life pre-surgery. I was depressed and in major pain. Dr. Cubbage and his staff truly care for their patients. He has a sweet disposition and a great bedside manner. I’m now 4 months post surgery and my neck feels amazing! I cried when I could look up at the stars. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I understand if you’re scared to take that leap, I was too, but God gave Dr. Cubbage a true gift and I promise you’ll be in amazing hands- literally- by choosing Dr. Cubbage. I cried tears of joy on my last post op appointment because of the long journey I had with him and his staff. They are all a God send and I couldn’t be more thankful for each of them. I will forever be grateful for the rest of my life.

-Tanya, Google

I am very impressed with Dr Cubbage and his team. They were very courteous and thorough. I highly recommend him.

-Linda, Google

Dr Cubbage and his staff are some of the most attentive orthos I have ever been to. I had to have surgery on my lower back and I could not be any happier with the results. When I woke up the pain was immediately gone and only surgical pain remained. Would highly recommend Dr Cubbage to anyone with back or neck issues!

-Anonymous, Healthgrades

Wonderful experience with Dr Cubbage and staff. Answered all of my questions in terms I could understand..

-Connie, Google

Dr Cubbage did an artificial disk replacement on my L5/S1. I can’t say enough good things about him and the procedure. I haven’t been in pain since the surgery and the recovery time is very fast.

-Drew, Google

I didn’t see Dr Cubbage, saw Tim who is great) because this was a visit where I only needed an x-ray to make sure the pain I was experiencing wasn’t from coming from any movement in last years surgery. I can say that everyone on Dr Cubbage’s team is excellent and saw me through my surgery long after…

-Patricia, Healthgrades

Dr. Cubbage & staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Dr. Cubbage fixed my neck 8 years ago and I am back for lower back surgery now. I trust his expertise.

-Dena, Google

Dr. Cubbage explains the medical issues in a way that a layperson can understand, which allows the patient to feel involved and participating in his treatment. Unlike most doctors, he takes the time to explain in detail the medical issues and the plan to solve it. Last, he really listens to the patient’s concerns and anxieties about a given treatment or procedure and prepares his treatment plan to address and allay same. Also, Vickie and others that work for Dr. Cubbage are fantastic. The best I have encountered, and I have had a lot of surgical treatments. They take care of everything for you—scheduling, insurance, etc—so the patient can focus on treatment. I highly recommend.

-Lee, Google

Dr. Cubbage has the hands of God! He has truly been blessed with stability and effectiveness of putting my body back together. His staff is amazing- Tim & Vickie. I appreciate your patience with me. Last year, I had C3,4,5,6,7 replaced in my neck. I was 50 years old with a spine fracture that cracked and twisted my odontoid as well as a C2 fracture that healed. Superman himself had a C2 fracture and we know his story. God blessed me with healing, but many years I suffered as this happened at a very young age! When I finally made my way to Dr. Cubbage, my arms and legs w/feet were going numb. I had severe sciatica and wanted to die. After his surgery, I felt like my injury was fresh and I was immediately in his office before a follow up to get pain meds. He and his staff understood my misery and stepped in to accommodate my helplessness. It was a slow painful recovery but I wasn’t paralyzed! I could have been many years prior and he stepped in and saved me & my life. I had contemplated a variety of resources to end my misery, he wouldn’t hear that. For the first time someone cared. As I stand I currently need S1 L5 replaced. I do know there are consequences but fully trust God lead me to the hands of Dr. Cubbage. I appreciate his patience & his staff as well, they have tried their best to help me pull through. Though I still have unrelated issues, they listen as if they’re by my side going through my misery, I refuse to go anywhere else. I am more than happy with my medical care & the warming of completeness of their concern. I appreciate his hugs, Tim’s hugs, Vicki’s hugs & their follow ups and eagerness to get me in their office even on an emergency. Dr. Cubbage is a class act God giving gift with his hands. I love him for saving my life, my mobility & his fabulous medical family. They’re complete package that allow me one more day of living. I don’t need to be a 100%! I expect I will have other issues, but I know in my soul they’re there. I couldn’t be more appreciative, I love them all…

-Kristy, Facebook

After going to 4 different surgeons and being dismissed for over a year about constant back pain Dr. Cubbage was the only Doctor who not only listened to me but also was able to find/fix the issue I had been having for such a long time! Being 21 years old and having back surgery was not on my list and definitely wasn’t something I wanted but I trusted him and I’m so glad I did! My life is changed because of him and I’m so grateful to him and his team! I’m 3 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier that I finally am living a life pain free again! Thank you!

-Gabbie, Google

I have been going to Dr. Cubbage for about 10 years. As always, I received exceeded care from he and his staff. This last time was no different. Thanks!

-Jerry, Google

Dr. Cubbage, Tim and Vickie are wonderful. My surgery and recovery have been so easy with their support. As soon as I woke up in recovery I realized my pain was gone. Highly recommend!

-Susan, FaceBook

Wonderful staff. Super surgeon. After twice years of pain I now look forward to each day. Thank you very much.

-Terry, Google

So happy I decided to have this surgery. Dr. Cubbage explained it all to me and I am now healing very well.

-Lupe, Google

After a lifetime of lower back pain, I finally gathered enough courage to have surgery with Dr. Cubbage in December 2021. He told me I would no longer have pain and would be 100% better as a result. The surgery went very well and Dr. Cubbage was true to his word: I’m pain free for the first time in my adult life. Dr. Cubbage explained the prep, the procedure, and checked on me often after the surgery. I highly recommend this surgeon and his team!

-K, Healthgrades

I had the unfortunate situation of needing a microdiscectomy approx. 2-3 years ago. After flying from Antigua to Miami then to Houston all while in excruciating pain I met with Dr Cubbage in his office. The entire experience was amazing! His staff (especially Karen) were so professional and super compassionate. Now 2-3 years after I can say it was the best decision I could have made. Nobody ever wants to have surgery but after careful consideration, review of the MRI and other data we made the decision together. Thank you, Dr. Cubbage!

-Darren, Google

I have been under the care of Dr. Cubbage with my last surgery done on 4/15/2022 and the job was outstanding. To me, this is the best spine surgeon in Houston, TX period. His staff, PA Moore, RN Kirton and MA Ashton are not only Medical professions but also compassionate people! Love them to death!!!!!!!

-Parnell, Google

I spent 6 months limping from doctor to doctor to chiropractor to massage therapist. All told me that if I do the figure 4 stretch, I'd feel better. When the last doctor told me the one x-ray he ordered showed that I was fine, I had to demand he order more views of my spine when he said he couldn't help me because he only dealt with hips. When I saw the obvious difference between my spine and a healthy one, I learned about isthmic spondylolisthesis from the internet and the treatment required. Dr. Cubbage stood out among the crowd as an accomplished spinal surgeon who had successfully performed many complicated procedures. On my first visit to his office, I met Tim (please forgive me sir as I don't know your title since I've only ever heard you called Tim). He took the time to explain what he saw in the x-rays I brought and gently informed me that the solution to my problem was surgical. I said, yes sir that's why I'm here. He ordered an MRI and sent me to PT to learn some of the exercises I would need to do afterward while I waited for the room I would need for one night. Sweet, wonderful Vicky worked a miracle and got me on the schedule in weeks rather than months. The surgery was 100% successful and my nerve pain is completely gone. I'm a month into healing now and I'm shocked at how calm and well I feel. The screaming panic and agony is all gone and now I'm just sore as long as I don't overdo it chasing around my 2 children. While it's always a good idea to write down any questions you have when visiting a doctor, it is especially important here as the profile photo of Dr. Cubbage didn't prepare me for how surprisingly handsome he is. I can scarcely keep a thought in my head. His confident, warm manner chase away any fear or worry about the procedure ahead. Thank you all for being truly excellent!

-Donielle, Google

Dr. Cubbage is a great doctor. He went above and beyond to find out the cause of my problems. The problem wasn’t even associated with an orthopedic issue, yet he took the time and effort to find the root cause. The issue was serious enough for me to immediately see a specialist in that field. Both my wife and myself have had procedures completed by Dr. Cubbage with no issues. Too many specialist today are top busy or whatever to go the extra mile or make that extra effort to determine the issues associated with a patient. Thankfully Dr. Cubbage is not part of that crowd. I recommend him for anyone that wants an excellent doctor and person.

-Jay, Google

Dr. Cubbage and his staff are every bit as warm, knowledgeable and talented as his many reviews led me to believe. I had spinal stabilization surgery less than a month ago and it was 100% successful. He asked me to tell my story because people are afraid of fusion due to the many horror stories they hear. I wouldn't call it a walk in the park but his staff do everything they can to make it totally manageable. I'm a busy single mom and already back in the swing of things, albeit with a couple breaks to lay down for an hour. You all have given me my life back and I'm so very grateful to be out from under the fog of blinding pain I was in before I learned about this amazing team.

-Donielle, Healthgrades

I had back surgery two weeks ago. Dr. Cubbage and his partner gave me excellent care. I am already driving and feel great. His nurse Vicky is the best.

-Lee Ann, Google

Hands down the absolute best experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office. The entire staff is extremely professional, and truly care about making their patients feel better. Vickie was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She and Dr. Cubbage went out of their way to coordinate all the treatment I needed, and “held my hand” for every step of the process. I can’t even begin to thank them enough for the care I was given, and the way I was treated. THANK YOU!!!

-Ryon, Google

Dr. Cubbage has tremendous medical and surgical credentials. I read everything when I decide on a surgeon. I am satisfied Dr Cubbage has what a patient needs for a good result.

-Linda, Healthgrades

Great staff. They were up front regarding the procedure as well as recovery. Dr. Cubbage explained the procedure and at my request went into great detail regarding how it was performed. He answered all questions in a way I could understand. I want to especially acknowledge his nurse Vickie, she is a wonderfully delightful person. Dr. Cubbage is fortunate to have her and the rest of his group.

-Bill, Google

After a very hard and scary last 4 years, it was a breath of fresh air to me to be in Dr. Cubbage’s office once again. In my opinion he is the best orthopedic surgeon in Houston. I know I’m prejudice but I know what he has done for me. It was so nice to see him again.

-Carol, Healthgrades

My first experience with Dr. Cubbage was to get a ruptured lumbar disc repaired. It went very smooth and I recovered with no pain and no loss of motion. 5 years later and I have another ruptured disc. I returned to ask Dr. Cubbage to do the surgery because I have faith in him and his team.

-Robert, Facebook

Dr. Cubbage and his staff handled my medical needs in a professional and efficient manner. Would recommend them in a heartbeat!

-Julie, Facebook

Met with Dr. Cubbage recently, he had great bedside manners and had no problem tell me my likelihood of different treatments. I enjoy honesty from my health team. I cannot wait to get all of my options next time I see him.

-Johnelle, Google

Dr. Cubbage and his staff are excellent!! I felt I was in good hands from the minute the doctor said I would need surgery. The entire process was great. I was really nervous about the surgery especially the recovery. The doctor and his staff made my experience amazing, I felt calm and ready to undergo this difficult surgery. I had my surgery a month ago and I am recovering quickly and with minimal pain. I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Cubbage and his staff. If you are needing spinal surgery, look no further this doctor and his staff [who] are phenomenal.

-Rossana, Google

I was very impressed with Dr Cubbage. He walked in and told me exactly what needed to be done. When I finally conceded and had the surgery, everything went exactly the way he said it would. I am almost 100% free of pain. He told me that I would continue improving and the pain would be gone and I have every reason to believe him. I recommend Dr. Cubbage to anyone needing his type of services.

-Barbara, Healthgrades

I had spoken to Vicki prior to my appt (she had to move patients around on the schedule) and she is just one of those people who you have no problem talking to or being yourself. Then the day of my appt she walks by and sees me shivering (because of course it's freezing & anemic so I'm ways cold) and she offered me her sweater. She didn't know me from the next person but that one act of kindness is something I won't forget and hope to pay forward one day. Dr. C & Tim are both great, they work to try to figure out the best course of action before jumping to surgery or prescribing meds both of which I am grateful for. I had a good experience from the check in to the checking out process. The wait time was slightly long even as early as my 8:30 appt but it wasn't terrible. I’ve sat in offices for 3 hours before so 45 min I can do!

-Jessica, Google

We were taken back only a few minutes after the new patient paper work was completed. Got my X-rays within 5 minutes after that. He was in talking to us less than 5 minutes after being put in an examination room. Dr. Cubbage was very friendly and professional. I really liked him and will definitely use him again.

-Jane, Healthgrades

Dr. Cubbage is one of the most down to earth, professionals I have had the pleasure of calling my doctor. His staff is wonderful, caring and are a model that other doctors offices should want to emulate.

-Brian, Google

Dr. Cubbage and his nurse Vicki are absolutely amazing. Surgery is scary and they have eased my mind significantly. Thank you both.

-Anonymous, Healthgrades

They are caring and very professional in their approach to the patient.

-Chet, Facebook

Dr. Cubbage first gave me a clear explanation of what was wrong in my back then performed a successful surgery to alleviate the problem. His manner is friendly, professional and caring. I have told friends about him and give him a five-star recommendation.


Very knowledgeable on our case.

-Anonymous, Healthgrades

Vickie is so compassionate and caring. She checked on me daily. She was extremely proactive in helping me with an issue after surgery. She is very comforting. Vickie made me feel as if I was her only patient. She also took time out of her weekend to check on me and reassure me. She is a true gem and you are very lucky to have her! Also, Dr. Cubbage is probably the best doctor and surgeon I've ever had! He informed me and performed a very successful procedure on my back. 5 stars all the way around! All expectations were far exceeded!

-Sheri, Star Moment Review

I recently had back surgery performed by Dr. Cubbage. He explained everything thoroughly prior to the surgery, has a wonderful bedside manner and did an amazing job correcting the problem. He gave me such great care throughout the entire process! I highly recommend him-he is truly the best! He has a compassionate staff, especially his nurse, Vickie. She goes above and beyond in caring for patients and made me feel like I was the only one.


My husband, Denny, had 2 discs replaced in his neck by Dr. Cubbage. The overall experience was exceptional. Dr. Cubbage was highly professional with a great bedside manner and a gentleness that sets him apart. He answered all of our questions and explained the diagnosis as well as the procedure in a through and understandable way. His nurse, Vickie, was very responsive to each and every email before and after surgery. She was also very warm and caring; and highly proactive and efficient in scheduling and attaining insurance approval. Denny spent one night in the hospital at HCA North Cypress and it was the best hospital experience we've had. The staff was attentive, caring, timely with requests, the food was decent, and the facilities were clean. The fact that the hospital is all private rooms was also a plus. Dr. Cubbage was accurate regarding what to expect with recovery and pain. With Covid, my husband is working from home, and he was able to be back to work the third day after surgery. We highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his team without hesitation.


Staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr Cabbage was excellent 👌


Had neck surgery performed by Dr Cubbage. He is a wonderful surgeon and listens to his patients. After still having pain after surgery his words were “I will not ever sign off on a patient until they are ready “ and so far it’s a true statement.

-Lisa T.

Very good surgeon, fixed my back and neck after horrific snow skiing accident. Good so far, for 11 years and counting.

-Beverly R.

Dr Cubbage did 2 back surgeries n 1 neck fusion. Dr Mills did hand surgery and BOTH doctors were wonderful. Very compassionate and kind. 5 stars!

-Kathleen C.

Doctor Matthew is an excellent doctor, I am completely pleased with the care and patience that he provided me. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family members.


I had neck surgery over a year ago by Dr. Cubbage. Him and his staff were extremely well knowledgeable and skilled. Highly recommend.

-Dawne D

I was thrilled to see Dr Cubbage. FINALLY Someone who listened to all my concerns and what is going on in my body to figure out what is going on! I am looking forward to finally feeling better! Thank you!

-Debi S

"This guy is a genius." Those were the words of my wife after she first saw the scar from my cervical fusion surgery. It's now 3 weeks after I left the hospital, and everything is looking good. I still have some stiffness, which is to be expected, but my mobility is improving day by day. I was impressed with Dr. Cubbage's straightforwardness about the surgery itself: I wasn't the worst candidate he'd seen but he could improve my quality of life, and that's all I was after. He explained the surgery to me in easy-to-understand terms, and his staff was proactive about reaching out and answering questions both pre- and post-surgery. Highly recommended!!

-Randy P

I have been a patient of Dr. Cubbage for over 15 years. He has treated my various issues aggressively and decisively, and I have only wonderful things to say about the treatment I have received.

I recently had a Level—2 disc replacement in my C-6 and C-7. The relief I have experience is unbelievable. I experienced very little discomfort after surgery, have minimal scarring, and I have been able to resume all activities in just a few short months.

Dr. Cubbage and his team kept me fully informed throughout the entire process and made me feel very comfortable.

I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage!


The Doctors Staff was very Nice and great to communicate with what every Your needs are



Dear Dr Cubbage,

Thank you for giving me my life back!

Just 24 hours ago, I was wheeled into your operating room. My husband had dropped me off at the hospital entrance, and using my rented power chair, I rolled myself through doors. I was feeling very apprehensive for several reasons: going in there alone, risking COVID-19 and having spinal surgery.

One year ago this month, I experienced tingling in my little toe. Eleven months later, I had to rent a power chair because the pain was keeping me from walking from sink to refrigerator. Yesterday, after my surgery, I walked from car into the house.


I just want to thank you, your staff and everyone at the hospital for their kind, professional attitude towards me. Not only were they kind to me, but I could hear kindness throughout the entirepre-op ward coming from every person working in that area.

Through the anesthesia and drugs, I can remember a few names that I want to acknowledge: Sarah, Vickie and Jonathan. I wish I could remember everyone's name.

In addition to the staff at the hospital, I want to commend everyone in your front office, along with Vickie and Karen.

Thank you again. I will be walking into your office in two weeks for my check up.


Short wait times and a very friendly staff who are very professional. Dr. Cubbage, PA Moore handled their busy and didn’t rush to leave the room and explained thoroughly my procedure. Post op, attentiveness was also great. A shout out to my new friend and compassionate RN Karen. Thank you all!!!!


I had a double disc replacement by Dr. Cubbage. He is the best. He's smart, honest, funny, calming and delicate. His staff are all caring, listening and answering all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his team If you're considering spinal or neck surgery.


Dr. Cubbage is an amazing spine surgeon. He spent a substantial amount of time explaining my MRI results in a way that was easy to understand and reviewing my options. I am pain free for the first time in years. His staff Karen Everingham, Saul Romero and Tim Moore are extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr Cubbage.


Dr. Cubbage has been my Orthopedic surgeon for 9 years and unfortunately I have had both Lumbar and Cervical Fusions, Dr. Cubbage has done a great job and Tim (PA) and Karen (Nurse)on his staff are outstanding to work with. Dr. Cubbage is caring, straight forward in his discussions and the procedures although not fun, are done in a truly professional manner with minimal disruption to your return to a normal life.


On Feb. 3, 2016 I had lumbar spine surgery by Dr. Cubbage. I was told after the surgery my back pain would be gone. He was right. I had no back pain the day after my surgery. I was off medications the following week. It’s been six weeks now, and I’m pain free. His team took great care and gave instructions that I still follow. Any questions I had after my surgery were quickly answered by Karen Everingham and Tim Moore.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cubbage and all of his staff. My sister had went to him a month earlier and had the same cervical surgery as I had. He told me why I had to have surgery on my neck prior to my back. I did agree a few days later that my neck hurt much worse than my back. When my neck is recovered, I plan on going back to him for back surgery. I mentioned his name to other medical personnel & they had nothing to say but good things and plus other patients did too.


I am very pleased with the orthopedic services provided by Dr. Matthew Cubbage and his nurse Karen. Dr. Cubbage and Karen are the one of the best spine and neck specialist team in the Houston / Cypress Texas area.

Their professionalism, extensive knowledge, compassionate caring and overall medical services are extraordinaire. If you live in the Houston area or even hours away, I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his staff for your orthopedic needs.

The office is located at North Cypress Medical Center, 21212 Northwest Fwy in Cypress, TX 77429. Phone (281) 517-8510


After months of severe shoulder pain, my primary care doctor ordered X-rays and an MRI on my neck and shoulder area. He then referred me to Dr. Matthew Cubbage at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. The minute I met Dr. Cubbage I liked him. I could sense the confidence he had. I was very comfortable in talking with him. He reviewed the X-rays and MRI with me and explained my condition. I had three cervical discs that were degenerated, virtually gone. I had bone on bone rubbing and had developed bones spurs that were touching the nerves going to my left shoulder causing the severe pain. Dr. Cubbage performed an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion on C5-C6, C6-C7, and C7-T1. The surgery was a total success and I have been pain free for 8 weeks now. I can't thank Dr. Cubbage and his team enough. This is the third time my wife and I have been treated by the doctors at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. My wife had an ankle injury and a fractured arm. AOSM is A+!


I first went to see Dr Cubbage in March 2017 after hurting my back (again) on business overseas. We tried all the different options available for my situation, but none of them gave me any relief, so disc replacement surgery (L4/5) was agreed upon. I had surgery Nov 6th 2017 and I have been amazed at the results. My hospital stay in Cypress Medical Center was very pleasant too. I cannot THANK Dr Cubbage, Tim, Karen and the rest of the staff enough for the treatment I have recieved.


After FOUR different opinions & 3 months of research, I decided on Dr. Cubbage for a lumbar artificial disk replacement. A huge part of that decision was thanks to his assistant Karen, who was amazing EVERY step of the way! She called me from home when her day was too busy and she stopped by to see me at the hospital the day of the surgery! The entire team is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Karen, Dr. Cubbage, & team!


Dr. Cubbage has been a life saver for me! Over the last 11 years I have had 3 spine surgeries: a lumbar fusion, a cervival disc replacement & a lumbar hemilaminectomy with lateral recess decompression and foraminotomy. He is not quick to do surgery, only doing it if it is absolutely necessary, and each surgery has been an extreme success! His bedside mannerism is fabulous, he listens & cares. 5 stars x 3 from me!!!


I had a double disc replacement by Dr. Cubbage. He is the best. He’s smart, honest, funny, calming and delicate. His staff are all caring, listening and answering all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his team If you’re considering spinal or neck surgery.


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